According to the myth, Nora, an ancient Sardinian city by the sea, was founded by Norace son of Hermes and Eritheia, Gerione’s daughter.

The latter, Greek mythological figure who reigned over the city of Tartessos, today’s Andalusia, was killed by Hercules in his tenth effort. The name of Tartessos returns engraving in a tombstone found in 1773, in the early excavations of Nora and testifies how intense the relationships between the populations of the different shores of the Mediterranean were.

This finding strongly inspired the birth of Nora Jazz. A place for art, and from which comes a shareable message of peace and an invitation for tolerance. It encourages us to learn about and appreciate differences until we find a common thread. In order to accomplish this, music is the best language, and very able to promote coexistence. And what’s better than Jazz music, a music genre that knows no frontiers but rather welcomes within it, like a great mother, the most diverse sounds and rhythms and then returns them in a new and original way?

Always paying attention to the roots and yet making room for research and innovation as well.

Nora Jazz aims at meeting and comparing different musical personalities. In this case that of female artists who are marking the contemporary scene with their choices related to the search for new sounds, on the other, open to the influence of popular and contemporary music forms. In fact, over the years, jazz has become more and more characterized as a genre, capable of collecting and welcoming the most diverse stimuli, adopting new sounds and grooves, even the most distant and different.

Therefore, much respect for the jazz taught by the great masters of jazz is observed and also the freedom to create and experiment.

During this year’s festival in particular it will be important to pay attention to the lessons of those masters who made this such a great genre; such as, for example the legendary American saxophonist Lester Young, who lived in the thirties, forties and late fifties and became notorious for his very original style as a soloist and for setting up a musical model for generations of Jazz musicians, who live the contemporary scene in an innovative way.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]