NORA JAZZ – Piazza Del Popolo – Pula
Date 4th August 2018


The GIRLESQUE project was born in the wake of decades of experience in a Tuscan STREET BAND, almost entirely in the male band, as it is on the other hand the whole MARCHING phenomenon that shows in Italy an indisputable and gradual rise. A curiosity then became a challenge: how to reinterpret the irrepressible and energetic immediacy of the musical language of the Marching Band with the female language?
We have identified in Burlesque the genre that could clearly characterize the uniqueness of the project by emphasizing, and at the same time de-dramatizing, the connotations of the feminine universe.

The Burlesque born in fact as a kind of satirical show with comic and parodistic characteristics, and if it loses with time its caricatural element remains in fact to celebrate a form of art all feminine, light and sophisticated, in which seduction and irony coexist. Girlesque simply winks at her, blinks you only with some reminiscence to remind the profane audience of the street that with music you can play irreverently, sympathetic and overwhelming.
GIRLESQUE plays, dances and plays with the grit and enthusiasm typical of a male street band but without neglecting grace and elegance. Each piece of the repertoire is linked to a particular moment of their formative journey undertaken with stubbornness and spirit of fun. Each song ties them to an expression of surprise, to a moment of improvisation. The repertoire consists of historical and standard pieces, funky lines, South American puffs of rumba and pop and rock inserts.




04 Ago 2018


8:00 pm


Ingresso Libero


Piazza del Popolo
Pula, Sardinia
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